‘Work-life balance’ in creative agencies

In the past, creative agencies were often accused of being ‘sweatshops’, where employees were put through long hours, poor pay and stressful working conditions. Luckily for agency owners, the people working in the sector put up with the many negatives because it was one of the most exciting, diverse and forward-thinking industries to work in.

As a business born out of agency ‘burn-out’, myself and Aire co-founder Adam, can testify to both the good and bad side of agency life, as Adam explains in this article in the The Drum.

With mental health issues becoming better understood and more openly talked about over time, things have quickly started to change.  Creative agencies are now more likely to have employee mental wellbeing as a core part of their business, driven by a desire to be more responsible but also to attract and retain the best people.

Thankfully this has meant that the old agency mantra of ‘work hard, play hard’ is gradually being replaced by a focus on ensuring a better ‘work-life balance’.

getting a good work-life balance at home

Although agencies are placing much more focus on giving their employees a better ‘work-life balance’, with many working from home at the moment, self-care is more important than ever.

Managing clients, projects and teams remotely can be extremely difficult and can put all sorts of new and unforeseen mental demands on people, despite the fact they may be working from the comfort of their own kitchen/lounge/bedroom.

As creative businesses get used to these new ways of working, here’s some things those working in the sector can do to help make sure they’re maintaining taking care of their own mental wellbeing:

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