As you already know, sleeping on pure mulberry silk pillowcase comes with numerous impactful and life-changing benefits. To name a few, it helps tackle wrinkles, ance-breakouts, redness , itchiness. Other than that, it provides moisuturising, hydrating and hypoallergenic properties to your skin and hair. All in which creates a sleep-inducing environment, improving your sleep patterns. But it does sound a little too good to be true. All of this benefits from just a pillowcase? 

To support our claims, as stated above, an product efficacy study has been conducted on over 200 subjects. These subjects are a blend of new and existing silk pillowcase users. An efficacy study is important to prove that a product does in fact serves it purpose. Which in this case is the many skincare, haircare and sleep care benefits that pure mulberry silk pillowcase brings to an individual that might sounds like a fraud. 

In the survey conducted, subjects are issued a new Buttersilk Pillowcase (colour varies), and were tasked to update on 4 categories every 30th day interval. (up until the 90th day). 

The 4 categories are as shown:

At the end of the 3 months, subject's feedback for the respective categories were taken down and tabulated. The final results are as shown. 
The findings proves that the benefits that come with pure silk pillowcases is fact-based and accurate.