Creating a CBD brand for all

Thanks to the explosion in the CBD market, more people than ever are enjoying its many wellbeing benefits.  But, with so many brands available and with lots of confusing information (and misinformation) out there, it can be difficult for newcomers to make sense of it and make the right choice.  This, unfortunately, means that there are many people out there who believe that CBD is not for them even though they may have wellness goals which it would be perfectly suited for.

As previously reluctant users ourselves, we know first-hand what a difference it can make to your body and mind’s wellbeing, and taking the plunge was one of the best decisions we ever made.  Because of this, our mission at Aire from the beginning has been to try and make CBD accessible to more people so more of us can enjoy the benefits of using it.

Having this ethos has meant we’ve done certain things a little differently from other brands on the market.

a lifestyle choice

Firstly, we always try and remember that CBD is a food supplement and not a medicine.  Many CBD brands have designed their brands to look medicinal and many more make unfounded and unresearched medical claims, which current regulations don’t allow.  We’ve taken a different path.  We believe CBD can be an essential part of a healthy lifestyle – and have therefore tried to position Aire in this way – as a healthy lifestyle brand.  

As part of this positioning, we avoid making specific claims about what CBD can do to help with specific medical conditions and instead advise anyone with a health issue to seek professional medical advice before buying and taking CBD.  Instead, we try and give clear and concise information about what CBD is and how it works, and we follow the guidance and regulations for information set out by the Cannabis Trade Association, which we’re proud to be members off.

great taste

The second area we focussed on to widen the appeal of CBD, was to try and make it taste good!  Many CBD oils taste extremely bitter, which can cause an unpleasant burning sensation in the back of your throat.  This can be off-putting even for experienced users. Before launching, we spent many months perfecting our blend of ingredients to deliver a light, mellow taste across all of our oils.  

All our oils use just one ingredient… organic hemp.  They are free from all artificial preservatives, flavourings and additives and contain only hemp-derived CBD, hemp-terpenes and refined hemp seed oil.

This has resulted in oils which not only taste great but can actually be used easily in food and drinks without overpowering them.  This gives people another way they can take their CBD if they feel that taking drops orally isn’t for them.

an oil to suit everyone

Choice is also a key factor for helping more people feel comfortable with trying and using CBD.  Today, we offer three different strengths of oil. They all contain exactly the same 100% organic hemp ingredients and are subject to the same quality control testing (more on this below). The only difference between them is the strength and concentration of CBD. 

005 – 5% (500mg CBD)

Our 005 oil contains 500mg of CBD, which equates to 5% in a 10ml bottle.  The is the recommended option for those just starting their journey with CBD.  We always suggest newcomers start off with a smaller dose and build this up over time.  

010 – 10% (100mg CBD)

Our mid-strength oil provides a perfect middle-ground between our lower and higher-strength oils and is perfectly suited to those who want to start taking CBD on a more regular basis.  

015 – 15% (1500mg CBD)

Our highest strength oil is the most cost-effective option for long term and experienced users who understand why they are taking it what their dosage needs are.  We would suggest building up to this strength over time if you are a new user rather than starting here outright.

Building trust

If the CBD market is to continue to grow and become a part of more people’s live, then building trust is critical.  There has been lost of publicity recently about CBD brands selling products which incorrectly contain psychoactive THC or don’t contain the amount of CBD they publicise.  One is dangerous and the other is misleading – and both cause people to distrust CBD in general.  Luckily testing and making test results available is becoming the market norm.   Since we started, we have always insisted that all our oils go through two stages of product testing: one in the country of production and then again in the UK prior to going on sale.   Be doing this we ensure there is never any THC in our oils and that you get exactly what you are paying for. 

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